Come and Get It On, Christopher Martin

it’s like this
touch    come    here
and I wonder if
you or I
or we would like
this    fireworks
for you? fireworks for me!
disconnecting        by myself
by yourself     together
in a brilliant moment
touch    hands    fire    love?
breath    laughter    iris    reflection
spurts of fire    breath
panting        fear, fear, fear
an    tic    i    pa    tion
come & get it all the
way     on     over     here, lover boy
lips, hands, feet, souls
bouncing     off each     other
hallelujah! chorus
wonderful, brilliant fiery you
like art thrusting forward
chat    chat    chat    chat    text
phone call    together    together together    entwined
hands    lips    tongues    more fire
more freedom    more color     more brilliance
spark    spark    spark    spark
fire    lips    hands    tongues    hands
until it’s overwhelming
fear    fear of    fear of         fear of rejection?
no fear of love
and then I lose you

Lindsey Buis