Girl With Blue Hair, Felicia Olin

Girl With Blue Hair

Illuminated by pure white aura, she pauses.
Straight back, stiff neck, buttoned up gown,
face- a mask of painted perfection,
she closes her lids. Watching through third eye
she contemplates, contemplates, soon
shifting from this world of illusion,
to follow the blue light.

Traveling Hu’s winged spectrum
she basks in rays of astral plane’s orange
bouncing-ball suns and casual plane’s
silver sliver dancing moons, in turquoise skies.

Previous lives bob along her inner vision like
ghosts dangled by a Master puppeteer:
merchant, virgin, warrior, peasant, dictator, saint,
hundreds, thousands more she cannot grasp.

Nestled in cumulus shine Golden Temples, she skips
along  their halls hearing parables, stories, chants,
allegories, songs of joy echoing walls and - mind.

As she soars the universe and reluctantly
returns to the physical body,
all shades of sapphire, aqua, cobalt
are absorbed  through chakras...
Blue fire course her cells and radiate
out the top of her head. Girl with blue hair.

Jean Staff