Wildflowers, Tracy Maras
A Hidden Place in My Heart

The little, hidden cove by the way
Covered in cool greens.... Sprinkled with yellow surprises
The blue pond where I dreamed up dreams
Balancing on rocks submerged, there I stood
Asking questions of all the "Whys" of childhood
The way things worked...or I thought they should
Hey...is that "Mopsey, Flopsey...or CottonTrail?"
I can still see my toy boats sporting their sails
Snuggled down in the satin grasses
Watching the ants traipse back and forth in endless passes
At least they know where they're going
Little songbirds flutter against the leaves above my head
Singing songs that only they know
But it's still pretty...though I wish I could sing along
Then I whistle...and they cock their heads to listen
Trying to interpret...I wonder.... Do they wish the same?
I look intently at the gnarly wood next to my face
Wow...this tree must be a thousand years old
Was this the first one that god planted?
As time rolls back in my memories
I hear the faint remembrance of trilling over the meadow
"Come on home...it's dinner time!"
The mother's voice is calling a new child playing in these woods,
But Gee Whiz...it surely was just getting good!

Janice J. Robinson