A Poem for Jane, Ellie Unterbrink
A Poem for Jane

Dead calm August 6 a.m.
Cape Cod colored canvas
boats bob
through mists of coffee steam.
Gulls circle and cry,
but this is a Midwestern sky
ample enough cover
to harbor inland seas of green
tassels flag across the masts
in my picture window scene.

But you say
"write a poem for me."
So I inventory the fleet,
harvest one
and christen her "The Jane,"
a seaworthy name.
Like you, not the flashiest craft.
She wears the patina of a storm or two.

Yet when the wind comes up,
she's the one
who'll see you home.
She has good bones.
New England bred
prairie transplant
sails across my page,
"The Jane."

Corrine Frisch