Red Dancer, Richard Taylor
Exercise in Freedom

Don’t let the false power overpower thee
Among the eye of day
She floats loving life on the edge of fantasy
Oh Merci Monsieur me
Power is generated when others want what they see
you have
It takes the brave to believe in all the energy
Electricity of years and centuries
Compassionate love and energy
And oh the joy of living the---at---ri---cally

Like a stop sign to others souls
A sun shining or moons or stars unfold,
Possessing connectivity
A match head flicks a fire dance
On the wall shadows unite to join
The ancient rite of human souls
to touch and breath and bailamos

In the bigger sense, it’s all a dance
A touch, a swim, a strum, a run
Throw freedom’s hands up toward el rojo sun
Highways of human souls will elevate
and pulsate fluidity
in the blood vessels of earth’s atmosphere
Rudhira, Shanti, metta y amor
Let’s tap, tap, tap
A drum, a circle,
 it’s rhythm, it’s wild.
It’s electricity, it’s nature’s sensuality.

As we stick our noses in tiny tomes
Of robot intellectuality
That give us the perception
Of reality and interconnectivity
Strong Darlings, now I call to thee
sizzle real red hot creativity.

Lindsey Buis