Senectitude’s Memento, Chris Martin
senectitude’s memento

cobwebs cluster in arid daybright corners
gauzy sunskein threads
driftsome and tender as nape-sung flesh-whispers
fluxsome as shadow’s slip
          senility’s silken grit sifted and diffuse
          recalling affairs unsettled
          errands unfinished
          matters accumulated
                    confected corollaries yet to pass
                    sunset wrinkles
eventide’s glow
velveting the advance of twilight
eclipsing the incomplete
     dusking evanescent the trappings undusted
spiderwebs stretch across humid moonhazed dreams
gossamer nighttide constellations
lissome and elusive as fossa vein-wisps
fleeting as hoarfrost’s lace
          youth’s shimmering mesh latticed and lambent
          recalling dew undisturbed
          earth-breath unharmed
          dampness refulgent
               dawnsoft droplets yet to last
               sunsquint tears
horizon’s flush
mourning the passage of moonshade
illuminating the intangible
     trapping fugitive the dustings undusked

Joanna Beth Tweedy