Middle-Aged Madness:
What Happened When A Middle-Aged
Woman (With Osteoporosis) Lost Her
Mind And Tried To Learn To Roller Skate
In The Driveway

Wearing protection
Left wrist splint from last winter
Right wrist splint from the car accident last spring
Roller skates from a yard sale

Borrowed protection:
Husband’s bicycle helmet
Sister’s volleyball knee pads
Friend’s elbow pads

Supportive friends on each side
Worried husband, interested neighbor
Momentary distraction
Comedy action:  flying feet,
Bruised bottom, hurting head.

Supportive friends on each side,
Worried husband, interested neighbor
Removing useless splints
Knee pads, elbow pads, helmet.

Sitting in cushioned comfort
Fiction favorites, origami and Audubon
More distraction
From the result of comedy action.

Sanity returns, limping.

Vicki Bamman