Kathy Pauley, Sunday on La Grande Jatte
1880s Petite Critque 

The sullen child must take her mother’s hand,
as shapes and lines are formed from optic dots.
‘Though sport and fun are legal on Grand Jatte,
Madame and child, like paper dolls they stand,
while down the years French freedom would expand.
She says, “Shall I not run and play a lot?”
“Whilst thou release me from this bonnet knot?”
Mais oui, Monsieur, you are the master grand.”

Sundays on the Seine need not be dreary.
At center, in sun, they pose with ease.
“Oh, George, of bonnets I have grown weary.”
“Just loosen up that brush stroke. Ple-e-eze?”
“Your genius trumps Monet’s couleur theory.”
“Unbonnet your mind; Just paint me a breeze.”

Pam Miller