One night under moonlight

        Sheri Ramsey - One Night
Past the orange glaze
Of one rising sun
The purple and blue haze
Where stars slowly phased
Out of view but not existence

One night around midnight
As the moonlight obscured
The darkness I abjured
Though shadows tried to creep
I still refused to sleep

One night when stars gleamed and glimmered
When ponds rippled and shimmered
When frogs croaked and crocuses spoke
And locusts choked down light brown drying grass
That was dying fast
Maybe it was just one night

One night when shades of black
Went round and back
Swirling and returning
Hiding behind lazy greys
Fading with the coming days

One night when the moistened grass
Slicken with pre morning dew
Was yielding and cool to
A place where memories stewed
Swelling and falling mixing and recalling

One night I stretched it all out
And it went on from eternity’s
Ticking clock clicking and ticking off and on
To infinity and beyond

One night, was a good night
That night was alright
Each one slightly different
So certainly sound specific
Colors and shapes
Smells and sights
Still superb and succinctly sweet

It was one night
And each passing one
Processing and possessing that which made it
It’s very own special one
Then another one and another one
All to rise and slumber some
Where all dreams come from
One night

Joshua Graff