Blues Jazz Cat, Linda Post Lucas
Jazz Cat Scat

I only left a minute,
Suky sauntered sad, alone.
I only left a minute,
and now that I’m back home
there’s something sparklin’ in the dark place,
where I used to find my throne.

Skit, scat,
movin’ on,

Blue paisley was your fav’rite,
softly patterned up my tail.
Blue paisley in the moonlight
‘neath your widow I will wail
‘til the blues bewitch this hour,
and I discard my jezebel.

Now, green and glitz and glitter
push the red notes high.
But green and glitz and glitter
won’t warm your feet this nigh.
Sing the blues alone now lady;
you’ll miss your Suky bye and bye.

Skit, scat,
pretty pitty,

Pam Miller