Hold ancient Greeks on pedestals
That believed in concepts we reject
Through Plato's iris
Socrates comes off arrogant sometimes
In his glory of thinkatude
Sagas all reflect through generations
Mozart a Justin Timberlake
A lesson in history
Kernel hard candy 
Burst forth crunchy delicacy in a POP of culture
Pop culture can become our classics
Quips, status updates, mirrors
Profile pic prison
How can one struggle to skip rocks?
Ripple water in this time?
Have we become lions in this
Harvard elite made coliseum
Ripping fleshy dreams from
Boxes of matrices
This shouldn't really offend you
Because it's not status updated
Who really paid for Hester Prynn's sins?
And that's the question
She's running somewhere
Tall prairie grass
Concrete scraped knee
With a chunk of flesh torn out.

Lindsey Buis