At Break of Day

clear morning
emerald line
emerging discreetly
cuts a boundary at lake’s edge to melody of crashing waves

upward climbing clouds
varied in shape and size
appear along azure skyline
as horizontal city across the void

outstretched beams
emanating from the place
where the great sun will first appear
rise into an oceanic sky

enter ignition
subtle as a candle
marking the window
from a temple in a celestial metropolis

gradual and mysterious
enveloping light
streams across the void
through windows in the city

then the shore awakens
with faint dim glow
as wet lustrous sand
reflects majesty of solar projection

as the building shake loose
their imaginary bindings
floating freely into the sky
nervous scurrying of gulls and terns on the shore
affirms that the day has officially begun

Mark Russillo