What Once Was, Tracey Maras
North Texas Evening

as forceful breeze
unsettles tenacious
sanded tufts
of spare prairie grass

two-lane highway
slashes defiantly
through acres
of mesquite trees

amidst myriad cacti
abundant scrub brush
burying its unclear end
in ubiquitous horizon

lone mesquite bug
searching relentlessly
for that one, brief sexual encounter
of its meager existence

poking his head out
from rotting tree stump
after lifetime of sleep
and mechanized consumption

with tornado, flood and drought
where uncertainty prevails
as ringmaster beneath the tent
of the vast starry sky

where life begins and ends
where the semblance of what is
may vanish in mere moments
where metamorphosis is expected        

Mark Russillo 

End of November 2011 poems